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Animal Videos - Animals in Space

When it comes to the question of animals in space, often it comes to dog in space! Well, the fact is that before Lika the dog in space, there were some other animals who were sent to the space. Much before we went to the space, scientists from America and Russia sent animals - mainly monkeys, chimps and dogs in space. They kept close tabs on each of them were doing. It had been a war to the two big countries to test each of their ability to launch a living organism into space and bring it back alive and unharmed, most of the innocent creatures had to die in the process.

Here's just an exhaustible statistics about animals in space...

June 11, 1948: A V-2 Blossom launched into space from White Sands, New Mexico carrying a rhesus monkey, named Albert I
June 14, 1948: The second V-2 flight carrying a live Air Force Aeromedical Laboratory monkey, named Albert II, went off into the space around 83 miles.
August 31, 1948: The third V-2 was launched that carried an un-anaesthetized mouse that was photographed in flight and survived impact.
December 12, 1949: The final V-2 monkey flight was launched at White Sands with Albert IV, a rhesus monkey attached to monitoring instruments, was the payload.
May 1950: The last of the five Aeromedical Laboratory V-2 launches (called the 'Albert Series') carried a mouse.
September 20, 1951: Yorick, a monkey and 11 mice were recovered after an Aerobee missile flight of 236,000 feet at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico
May 22, 1952: Patricia and Mike, the two Philippine monkeys were enclosed in an Aerobee nose section at Holloman Air Force Base.
Between 1951 and 1952: The Soviet R-1 series rockets carried nine dogs altogether. Among these three dogs flew twice.
August 15, 1951: The first canine suborbital astronauts, named Dezik and Tsygan ("Gypsy") were launched.
November 3rd, 1957, Sputnik 2 blasted into Earth orbit with a dog named Laika aboard.
April 23, 1958: a mouse was launched in a Thor-Able "Reentry 1" test as the first launch in the Mouse in Able (MIA) project.

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