Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beautiful Song on Endangered Animals

"Where Are We Going To Go" is a very beautiful song you will love to play over and over again if you are a real animal lover. My own sound system is out of order, which made me drop by my colleague's desk to listen to the song. Its beautiful indeed! It is an original song written by my friend David Todds.

The slideshow has been designed to help with educating about animals - especially endangered species. This beautiful 3 min. 40 sec long song has been composed keeping in mind the animals who are about to leave us shortly if we do not think about them today. David is allowing this new version of "WHERE ARE WE GOING TO GO" to be used by non-profit organisations, schools, environmental groups, save the animals, conservationists etc who are concerned about the future of animals (especially the endangered ones) free of copyright restrictions.

However, if used for commercial profit please contact David for consideration.

Thank you David. Keep up your good work. God Bless.


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