Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This Funny Animal Videos Will Make Your Day Have a Great Start

Watch out some gorgeous creatures of the planet and listen to why they are better than you. Listening to some of the funny comments of these animales videos are just the right way to make a great start for your day. Enjoy these funny animal video.

I like the music very much!


Rare White Tiger Video Clip at Downtown Aquarium

Another white tiger video will surely make you sit back before your computer, until the end of the clip. This glorious white tiger is on exhibition in the Downtown Aquarium in Houston, Texas. The Downtown Aquarium have lots of sharks and amazing fishes on display in their numerous tanks. Their collection includes Sting Rays, Moray Eels, and lots of different species of sharks. Watch out this beautiful white tiger moving with royal gesture behind the glass wall.


White Tiger Video

Here's another white tiger video. Well, but before you click to play and watch out the three majestic white tigers I wish to tell you that if your are thinking that white tigers fall on a distinctive subspecies, you are wrong. They are not a different subspecies. The most interesting fact about them is that they can breed with the orange tigers and the offspring will all be orange, because the white pigment of one of the parent is for recessive gene.


Rare Animal Video - White Tiger Video

Here's again the rare animal video clippings. Yes, you can come across one of the most rarest animals on the planet. Have you ever heard of a white tiger? I'm sure you have... but possibly not seen one! This Royal Bengal white tiger video have featured the amazing animal. These are the animals with genetic condition that is responsible for the elimination the orange pigment, leaving the black stripes intact. Another genetic condition is seen that fades off the pigment of the black stripes too and white tigers of this type are known as "snow-white" or "pure white" tigers. The white pigment occurs when a tiger inherits two copies of the recessive gene for the paler coloration. These are really rare animals. Watch out the amazing rare animal video....


Close to Unicorn....White Dear: Rare Animal Video

Here's the closest member of the mythical Unicorns worth viewing. This classy heard of white deer had been spotted in Seneca Co., New York, reported Solorzano. Found at the former Seneca Army Depot Seneca County, New York, these gorgeous white deer is facing a threat of extinction. Check out this white deer video and you will find how wonderful these creatures are. They are so rare that Native Americans called them 'ghosts', believing that they had magical powers. The white pigmentation is a boon of the recessive gene.

Dennis Money of the Seneca White Deer Group says: "Because they are unique, we have a situation here that no one else has in the entire world, almost 300 white animals". Genuine steps have been taken for the conservation of white deer. Enjoy this rare animal video....


Friday, March 20, 2009

Cat Care Video: How To Take Care of Your Cat

Hello friends... here's how to care for your cat. If you are a cat lover and a cat owner, I am sure this cat video is going to come to a great help for you. This cat care video clip is highly informative and shows how to maintain your cat's good health through out the life. Remember you need to do something beyond feed her good food. She brought joy to your life. This informative cat care video gives you some basic tips on how to make her life happy... Enjoy!

Thanks to Video jug!


Beat the Heat: Summer Time Dog Care Tips

This is again one very important informative animal video clip. Summer has always been a dangerous time of pets.. especially dogs of large breeds. Heatstroke and parasitic infestation are two very common threat to dogs in summer. Watch out this dog video staring Dr. Debra Garrison with her dog Jake. Listen to what Dr Garrison has to say about summer time health care tips for dogs. Also check out Economic Dog Tips in Welcome Dog Lovers Site!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Talking Dog Video: German Shepherd Dog Says Hello

White German Shepherd Dog - Saying Hello, Yes... this 10 years old White German Shepherd Dog prove that nothing is impossible in the world! How can a dog say "HELLO"? How can she understand what the words like "REPEAT" and "LOUDER" mean. I give the credit to the trainer, but can't deny the fact that dogs can be said the Einstein of the animal kingdom!

German Shepherd Dog have been highly admired through out the world. visit About German Shepherd Dog, which I have found to be the ultimate resource for German shepherd dog information; wonderful site!


German Shepherd Puppy Video : Funny Dog Video

Hey... haven't found anyone to make you laugh today? You don't need anyone as long as these funny creatures are with you. Check out these Vom Rheinlander German Shepherd puppies chasing each other on the lush grass. If you are planning to adopt a German Shepherd Dog, groom yourself up with every bit of knowledge about the GSD breed! Just watch out this German Shepherd Puppy Video. I am sure you are gonna love this funny animal video.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Funny Dog Video: Bull Dog Speeding Through Mob on Skate

Who says they don't have intellect? Watch out the smart bull dog speeding through the mobs on his skate. Simply stand out performance! This funny animal videos will bring you one more chance to laugh and roll in laughter. Enjoy is funny dog video and I am sure you will simply fall in love with this breed. Get a pet... train him and he can create magic!


Friday, March 6, 2009

Funniest Animal Video - Funniest Moments Amidst Animals

You know why you can't resist loving animals? They are our true friends, who brings smiles on our faces during our glooms. The planet is a wondrous place for millions of funniest animals. This funniest animal video clip will surely make you roll in laughter!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Marine Videos - Rare Sea Turtle

Marine world is astonishing! If you are not a diver, I am sure you have a thirst to know what's there under the sea! Well, now quench your thirst with these marine videos. These sea turtle videos will let you know how the undersea world looks like. Before you click to play the undersea videos, here's just a bit of info about the sea turtle.

Sea turtles are found in all the oceans of the world except the Arctic Ocean. The 7 living species of sea turtles includes green sea turtle, flatback, hawksbill, leatherback, Kemp's Ridley, Olive Ridley and loggerhead. One most interesting fact about sea turtles is that they are too sensitive to magnetic field of the Earth and use it to navigate through different directions. Speculated life span of sea turtles is around 80 years. Interestingly, most of the sea turtle species return back to their birth places, which indicates an imprint of the magnetic field of that particular location under the sea. After around 30 years of maturing adult female sea turtles tend to return back to the land to nest at the night, which is on the same beach where they hatched.


How To Choose A Dog

Shelly Marlo, the animal behaviorist has to say something to dog lovers around the world! Hey if you are going to adopt a dog you might have loads of questions swirling in your mind. Should you buy a puppy or an adult dog? A mixed breed dog or a pure breed dog? A male or a female dog? Thank you Shelly for sharing your views. Also please check out some interesting facts about dogs... you might find them really interesting!


Shar Pei - The Wrinkle Dog: Cruft Dog Show Video

Cruft, the biggest dog show in the world! And there's not place better than this to to learn more about dogs. An credible number of dogs of different breeds participated in the year 2008, as usual. Next Cruft Dog Show is going to be held March 5 - 8, 2009. So let's keep our fingers crossed for the upcoming blasting dog show at the NEC, Birmingham.

Watch out these cruft show video, rather Shar pei dog video to know some interesting facts about Shar Pei, the wrinkle dog of China. Read out detailed information about this amazing dog breed in Welcome Dog Lovers, some mysteries regarding Shar Pei dogs have been revealed there!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Movie Roar - Human and The Wild Cat Video

Here's a breath throttling wild animal video - the tiger vs lion vs human.. a clip from the movie "Roar". Roar- perfectly an family adventure that you might love to watch! The idea came from a couple's passion for big cats. You just can't imagine how some people love to live their life at the edge. This amazing wild cat videos and human is really a big wonder!


Amazing Animal - The Liger Video

Dr. Bhagvan Antle speaks about the Liger's skull. Being the largest cat on the Earth, Ligers' skulls are larger than both lions and tigers. Liger's large canines are the set deep inside the skull. The part that's exposed is only around two-third the total size of the canines. Check out this Liger video to get an idea about the skull and teeth of the Ligers. Read out more about Ligers here.


Amazing Animal Video Clips - Liger Videos

Here's your hunt for the amazing animal video clips is going to see a halt! Yes... the real amazing animal on the planet - the Liger is the hybrid of a male lion and a female tiger. The largest cat on the planet, Liger resembles more of a tiger with faded stripes and multi-times larger than his parents. Listen to what Dr. Bhagwan Antle, the trainer of the Liger says in this Liger video clip. Ligers can't live in wild; they have to be kept captivated as pets!

Also check some astounding facts about Ligers and a few more astonishing Liger video clips.


Stop Killing Sharks

Friends... here's something that's going to remind you of "" The Jaws. I am sure, the name's enough to get a clue of the video you are going to watch out below. Yes, Sharks!

You will be watching an amazing slide show of some majestic sharks. Stop killing them!


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