Saturday, June 13, 2009

Wild Animal Videos - Cobra vs Monitor

Have you ever wondered who will win the prey if two aggressive predators have their eyes on the same prey? This cobra vs monitor video is really the most amazing wild video you have ever seen!


Best Animal Video Ever: Animal Friendship Clips

I am sure now you will wonder how much does humans need to learn from these innocent beasts! When the world is facing the threat of being destruction, when every moment news releases come up with news of war and destruction, when mankind himself is a menace to the society, these cute creatures have a lot to teach to us. Watch out these animal friendship clips - interspecies friendship!


Talking Dog Video

Who said they can't talk like us? Watch out this talking dog video and you will raise your brows to see how these dogs are talking like humans!! Talking dogs are seldom seen. To be frank, I haven't yet come across such a talking dog in my real life.


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