Sunday, June 9, 2013

Heat Stroke In Dogs

MyVNN has come up with an educative piece about heat stroke in dogs. It is important to identify the symptoms of heat strokes in dogs. This video by MyVNN will help you learn more...


Protect Your Dogs in Summer Heat comes up with this great video for dog lovers...Protect Your Dogs in Summer Heat
Just shared by my sister :)


Thursday, May 30, 2013

German Shepherd Dog Specialty Show Video - AKC

This AKC conformation German Shepherd Dog specialty show video was uploaded by Reel Dogs. Reel Dogs owns the copyright to this video clip. This video shows a few GSDs on the move and while in stacked position in the show field. Reel Dogs really did a great job by capturing this video. A pity that most GSDs are having slopped or slightly sloped back that is compromising the breeds utility - working ability. German Shepherds were bred as working dogs. Nothing should have changed the purpose.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Conservation Awareness of Endangered Species

Right from the core of the heart we appreciate the work of Asian Conservation Awareness Programme - ACAP. Right said... Killing can only be stopped if buying stops. Already we have lost many animals. The list of extinct species is incredibly long and includes but not restricted to woolly mammoth, Spotted hyena, Anancus, European cave lion, Cretan Dwarf Hippopotamus, Issoire Lynx, Tenerife Giant Rat, Woolly Rhinoceros, Aurochs, Ratas Island Lizard, Santo Stefano Lizard, Eurasian Aurochs, Indian Aurochs, Bali Tiger, Java Tiger, Panay Giant Fruit Bat, Flores Cave Rat, Cebu Warty Pig, Cyprus Dwarf Hippopotamus, Golden Toad, Pink Headed Duck, and the list goes on...

This is almost the last hour running and if we are not aware today, tomorrow is going to be our turn! Save life! Special thanks to Asian Conservation Awareness Programme


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Have Realistic Expectations From Your Dog While Training

This post is a part of anti animal abuse campaign and awareness of correct dog training rule, hosted by dog training collar store. Check out the official website of dog training collar store 

 A voice against abusive training and high expectation from your dog… 

Dog training is an art and science both. It is important to understand your dog before you can effectively formulate the training program for him. Most owners have been noticed to expect what their fur kids can actually perform. It is to be remembered that training a do is actually teaching him something against his natural or instinctive behavior. Hence it is a time consuming process, and not a magic. Expecting beyond reality is a foolish act. The eight best things to be kept in the forefront of your mind while training a dog are as follows:

  • Listening to your pup
  • Show generosity with affection towards him
  • Understanding correctly: what he likes
  • Making him understand how he can make you happy
  • Consistency is the best policy
  • You will get back what you reinforce. Reinforce what you want
  • Reward him for correct action; don't bribe him or doing it correctly
  • Training should be a fun session

Training your dog to teach him human behavior takes time. Without a realistic expectation you are surely going to end up with zero result and uselessly investing time, energy and money. Along side it is more than important that you should have a realistic idea about how much time it may take to develop the behaviors that you actually desire. This requires repetitions and effective training program professionally formulated based on scientific understanding of their performance ability. Training a dog primarily involves steps to helping him to respond in the right way in varied situations and environmental set up. Training, secondly, is helping your dog to focus on what he is supposed to pay attention on without ignoring the detracting elements.

How efficiently your dog learns and can perform depend solely on how effectively your straining programs are formulated and what steps you follow to teach your dog the tricks you want him to learn. Put and end to abusive training methods. Hitting and yelling is only going to bring in more wrinkle in your life. These are NO solutions.

Do not expect to resolve all behavioral issues with simple obedience training
Simple obedience training will fail to resolve certain behavioral issues, for instance, over aggression, separation anxiety, etc. while certain obnoxious behaviors like jumping, chewing etc. can be effective addressed in a short spell of time. It is, hence, suggested to understand obedience training sessions are just the beginning, and not the end. Too much expectation from simple obedience training is a fruitless mission.
Please remember… dogs are not robots; they have brains that are not as strong as us, humans. No matter how much endeavor you put in training your dog, he will never become a 100% perfect.


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