Sunday, October 23, 2011

Leach Therapy Video

This video clip is of course related to animal world, but a bit different of its kind. Yes... its all about leach therapy, that talks about the medicinal benefits that the leaches are being used for. Around 600 species of leeches have been discovered, amongst which only 15 species are used by medical researchers. These species of leeches have been classified as “medicinal leeches” -- Hirudo Medicinalis, that have been in use for treating patients for centuries. especially ulcers, eczema are being treated by  “medicinal leeches” -- Hirudo Medicinalis. Watch out these leach therapy video.





Which Dog Breed Has The Hardest Bite Force - Dog Bite Force Competition

Here's an amazing video clip, worth watching. Dog bite competition is what dog lovers like you and me will surely like to watch. This bite force competition was held between the three very popular breed - Pitbull terrier, Rottweiler and Shepherd. Watch out which dog breed has the hardest bite force. Enjoy...


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