Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Close to Unicorn....White Dear: Rare Animal Video

Here's the closest member of the mythical Unicorns worth viewing. This classy heard of white deer had been spotted in Seneca Co., New York, reported Solorzano. Found at the former Seneca Army Depot Seneca County, New York, these gorgeous white deer is facing a threat of extinction. Check out this white deer video and you will find how wonderful these creatures are. They are so rare that Native Americans called them 'ghosts', believing that they had magical powers. The white pigmentation is a boon of the recessive gene.

Dennis Money of the Seneca White Deer Group says: "Because they are unique, we have a situation here that no one else has in the entire world, almost 300 white animals". Genuine steps have been taken for the conservation of white deer. Enjoy this rare animal video....


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