Friday, July 24, 2009

Tetanus in Dogs - Helpful Dog Video Clip

Here is another dog video that any dog owner would find helpful. Yes...tetanus in dogs, although seldom found in dogs but dogs can be afflicted to the tetanus virus and can turn out to be fatal if not treated in early stage. How to recognize tetanus in dogs? I am sure most dog lovers and owners have not seen a dog with tetanus, and are not aware of the symptoms and treatment involved therein. Watch out what this experienced vet has to say about this rare condition in dogs.

Veterinary science has “off-label” treatment privileges. Off-label treatment privileges means vets can freely use drugs that have been approved for one species (including humans) in other species. But this is not always the fact. Sometimes as in te case of vaccinations etc. human medicines cannot be used. Horses are more prone to tetanus than canines and felines. Most horse breeders and owners give routine vaccine shots for tetanus - I am sure.

Here is a series of videos about Micky the beautiful dog who had tetanus and was treated by VetClinicGambia

Micky on the 6th day

Micky on the 9th Day

Micky on the 12th Day

Micky on the 15th Day

Micky on the 18th Day

Micky after one month again with a new problem.... bad irresponsible owner!!!!!

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