Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anaconda Bits a Man: Anaconda Video

A giant anaconda had created a buzz across the web, when it bit a policeman's arm in Brazil in 2006. Anaconda - an endangered species is still a terror in many regions on this planet. Not very common, but still people are often victimized by this monstrous terrorist reptile and this Brazilian police servant was one of them! the strongest, largest and heaviest of all snakes on the planet, Anacondas can be seen as long as 18 to 35 feet, with an incredible weight up even 500 pounds. This carnivorous reptiles can eat up to over 40 pounds each 24 hours and usually kills its preys by squeezing them to death. Anaconda swallows its meal hole and crushes the meal inside its stomach. They feed on pigs caiman, deer, goats etc. The scientific name: Eunectes murinus; Anacondas are really the most amazing amongst the snake kingdom.


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