Sunday, February 1, 2009

Amazing Lion Videos: When a Lion Meets His long Lost Human Pals

This is a true story and I am sure you will be amazed to see the two men and the lion video clips. Christian and the two Christian the lion exemplified the power of love! Yes, this amazing lion video clips has been taken from the movie "Christian, The Lion at World's End", directed by Bill Travers, Commentary by Virgina McKenna, founders of the Born Free Foundation. I have always wanted to stay with animals... nothing like that if I could have had such an amazing life! The best part of the movie "Christian, The Lion at World's End" is when the two men and the magestic lion Christian got a chance to re-unite. It was really the life time happiest moment when the two men and Christian re-united. Christian ran towards his long lost friends and hugged them. It was an emotional reunion: "He ran towards us, threw himself onto us, knocked us over and hugged us, with his paws on our shoulders."

What better way could Christian express his love than this? What better way than this could he show how much he missed his human friends all these long span of time when they were apart? A real animal lover would definitely find his eyes floating, seeing this amazing lion videos.

Little Christian at the play

Adult Christian meetings his long lost best buddies


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