Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Are tigers and Lions good pets?

The animal activist and actress Tippi Hedren talks about "Are tigers and lions good pets?" the answer might be "No" for millions, but "Yes" for a few. I can't think of having a lion as a pet, not because he might eat me up, but because I don't have that bank balance. Tippi Hedren has some say about this... watch out her interview. You simply can't forget Christian - the lion who showed his unconditional love to his owners John Rendall and Ace Bourke the two young guys who reared the male lion in England in 1969. Christian started growing up into an gigantic creature, which is why they had to let go of the Christian into the wild to Nairobi, Kenya. After a few years in 1974, John and Ace went to visit Christian to see if he still remembers them. And that was the beginning of another love story! This astonishing video clip shows how Christian greeted his owners with big royal hugs...

Are tigers and lions good pets? - Tippi Hedren

Christian with John and Ace


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