Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tiger Attack Video Clip Shot at Kaziranga National Park

This happened in India. This is about a terror queen of Kaziranga National Park. The department of forest launched a project of combing the area with five elephants, looking for a tigress that killed two cows in the village nearby. The team in charge moved quite cautiously almost 20 feet, where the tigress was growling to threaten the group. The shot her with a dart gun but unfortunately that was miss-triggered, which enraged her and charged her up to attack one of the team members. Its was a dreary flying attack; she jumped an incredible height of over 12 feet on to the female elephant, Joymala's head and delivered a super-hard left hand blow on the 25-year-old mahout Satya Pegu, who had to give away his three fingers.

Check out the full clip:


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